Repeat and new prescriptions

Online Prescription Service

You can use the NHS App to request your Repeat prescriptions via your mobile or one of a number of websites if you don’t have access to a smartphone.

Download the NHS App:

You can also go to if you are on a laptop or computer.

Using the NHS app or another online provider allows you to order your repeat prescriptions without having to call anyone. It’s simple, and the quickest way to get your medications ordered. The NHS App allows you to see when your medications have been issued and you can let us know any straightforward changes you would like made to your medications such as changes in quantity. If your message or request is more complex please use the Medication and Prescription Queries form. Please allow 3 days for us to set you up. The NHS app also allows to access your medical records and Covid Pass.

Please allow two full working days for repeat prescription requests to be processed and remember to take weekends and Bank holidays into account. If you are travelling don’t forget to contact us at least a week before you travel.

Requesting Prescriptions via Your Community Pharmacy

If you can’t use the NHS App then the next best thing is to speak to your local community pharmacy of choice and give them permission to order your regular medications on your behalf. They will then request these via a secure messaging system. However this route takes longer as there are more administrative steps to complete as currently the system is not integrated with your medical records as it is for the Online Prescription Service. Our preference is that patients use the Online Prescription Service.

Paper and Telephone Requests for Prescriptions

We no longer accept paper requests for repeat medication as this increases the risk of transmission of Covid and other viruses to both staff and patients. To avoid errors and to keep the phone lines free for those who need to make an appointment we do not accept requests over the phone.