Occupational Health

Occupational Health is not part of the core services the NHS provides. Medical services related to employment are the responsibility of your employer.

We provide some limited services, these are reports and documentation regarding relevant past and present medical history when required by your employer for a specific purpose i.e to confirm your immunisation history where relevant to your duties or if you require supporting medical information following a prolonged absence at work.

We will require your consent before providing any information or report and you will always be able to see any report before it is sent to your employer. These are defined as private medical services. Normally your employer would be expected to cover the costs of these reports.

  • Print out of Immunisation record: free
  • Letter confirming BCG scar: £60 (involves examination )

The practice does not offer occupational health services such as health assessments or immunisations. These should be provided by your employer often via an external private occupational health provider.