Green Social Prescribing

We are excited to be part of a new green social prescribing initiative encouraging use of the Caledonian Park. If you would like to get involved please contact us. 


We have signed up the Green Impact  for Health toolkit set up by the Royal College of General Practitioners  and will keep you informed of our progress 

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 We are actively trying to reduce our impact on the environment and  become a more sustainable practice 

Greener Practice  - The group’s aim is to engage our primary care community in Greener Practice: actions that improve the health of both people and planet

 Actice Changes to date 

  • Using paper cups instead of Plastic cups - encouraging staff to use refillable water bottles at work 
  • Using text messages to notify patients instead of letters which has significantly reduced the amout of paper used. 
  • Encouraging public transport /  walking to work 
  • Encouraging double sided copying and printing and encouraging to think Paper light.